Daniela Villegas is a Los Angeles based Jewelry Designer and a passionate nature observer. Her intense curiosity of nature’s nuances combined with her artistic sensibility, is clearly expressed in each of her delicate yet powerful creations. Most pieces are one of a kind carefully hand made with a strong emphasis in craft and details.

Her work is an extension of herself rather than a task or a career objective and this is faithfully represented in her colorful collections. Daniela gets equally inspired by nature, conversations, books, travels and uses these memories and events to narrate tales of freedom, joy, evolution and love of life in every ring, necklace or bracelet.

She often combines real organic elements such as beetles, porcupine quills, feathers, shells, pebbles and wood with 18K gold in every color mixed with precious and semi precious stones.

Daniela views life as a playground full of adventure and vividly encourages all she does to have this tone. From an elegant piece of jewelry, to her multiple charitable causes, she always brings a layer of playfulness to the equation.